Brad  Knewstubb Brad Knewstubb

Every kid likes to pretend to be a grown up. From playing shop to looking after dolls and stuffed toys, the process of play allows kids to explore their own concepts of how the world works. 

The Ministry of Minor Affairs is a place where kids can experience the most banal of adult experiences, dealing with bureaucracy.

Housed inside a 50% replica of a generic 1950s office block is a space designed to allow kids to pretend to be the grown ups they admire. With child sized chairs, tables and office dividers the young workers are able to fully immerse themselves in a real office made just for them. They must work their way from the ground floor up through the building, stamping, hole punching and filing as they go. Once they reach the top there is a special exit slide they can use to make a quick escape.

This project was intended for Aotea square but was never commissioned.