Brad  Knewstubb Brad Knewstubb


I am an award-winning designer with experience working across a vast spectrum of projects and mediums. My training is in industrial and multimedia design, however, I often find myself drawn to projects that require me to expand my design horizons. Event, spatial, graphic, furniture and architectural design have also featured in my body of work over the last decade.

I work as a designer primarily because I like to solve problems - continuously learning about new and interesting things. I love that in design you have to almost become an expert (for the duration of the project at least) in some new and totally random area. Through my career, I have had to learn about topics as varied as whales, shipping containers, wind turbines, spaceflight, mining, live theatre, modular architecture, aquaculture and so many more. Not knowing what direction the next project is going to take me is what gets me up in the morning*.

I have won multiple awards around the world including gold and purple pins for spatial design at the Best design awards and a Red Dot product design award in Singapore. I have also won several theatre awards including my show being selected as one of the top 10 moments in Sydney theatre for the year (2010).

When I am not working I am an avid reader of books, cooker of food, builder of Duplo**, and skier of mountains.

I am currently working as a freelance designer and am always on the lookout for new problems to solve. If you think I could give you a hand with a project or fit into an existing team reach out to me at to connect.

* actually it's my 1-year-old daughter who gets me up in the morning.
** also daughter related